Copon Studios is moving to a 

new bigger location!  We will

let you know soon!


Happy Holidays



Words from our CEO

When I first started on my creative journey I was broke, sometimes slept in my truck in LA, I had no money to afford thousand dollar photoshoots with studios charging over a thousand per day.  Then after getting success as an actor I found myself struggling to afford the latest camera’s, software, and the finances to build sets.  

The vision for Copon Studios is to give aspiring actors, models, influencers, youtubers, photographers a place to create with out breaking the bank.  It’s a gym for creators to create with other influencers with the same passion and drive!  

I’ve built sets for 12 years, Won an Emmy producing an awesome series, and have acted in huge films and shows as you see to the left.  Now come enjoy our tik studio and selfie museum.  Rise to a higher level in photography & production by joining Copon Studios as a pro member.  Work side by side with me as your consultant while using my gear in studio thats worth hundreds of thousands of dollars when you become a platinum pro member! 

Imagine • Create • Deliver

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